9 Hangover Remedies Worth Trying by Soo Eelee

You partied a little too hard on a working day and now you’re paying the price. Find out which hangover remedies really work and which are great for a quick fix.




An unappeasable appetite for carbs; lingering headaches; a mouth as dry as the Sahara deserts; contact lenses so sticky that they're more of a hassle than help to your vision; unwavering fatigue. These are the symptoms that characterise yet another hangover, and they're all too familiar after a night of booze and chats.


The economy loses millions and billions of dollars each year in productivity due to the fragile heads of their staff having “too much” fun the night before. But, as a seasoned lover of after-work catch up sessions, I have managed to pick up a few tricks on minimizing the aftermath of one too many drinks. While matching every glass of alcohol you drink with a glass of water is possibly the best prevention, it is no doubt a tall order if you plan to enjoy the party at all – unless constantly joining the bee line to the washroom is on your priority list.























Sadly, these nuggets of wisdom never seem to go far enough in helping us lay off the drinks. While some would argue that abstinence is the “best” solution, life just feels too short for absolute teetotalism. With that being said, I decided it’s time to put some remedies to the test – giving me one more excuse to keep the drinks coming.








Lack of Glucose


    by-product from alcohol metabolism


is a result of

which results in the depletion of

Vitamin A,B and C

9 Hangover Remedies worth Trying

Chocolate Milk

clothe your stomach with a soothing coat and re-hydrates you. Sugar also replenishes depleted glucose quickly.

Isotonic Drink

provides you with the fizz and the much needed liquid to get you rehydrated.


provides the fizz for the nausea, enough liquid to get you rehydrated, dose of caffeine and sugar spikes to ease aches making you more energetic.


is a great source of caffeine but is known to aggravate any hangover effects. A small amount coupled with sufficient water goes a long way for me! It is at the end of a day a personal choice.

PB Toast

 The thin layer of peanut butter gives you a boost of Vitamin B and the toast gives you plenty of simple carbs to raise your glucose level!


replenishes both sugar, in the form of fructose and potassium, which are some of the things you lose in large quantity when you drink.

Sweet Potatoes

are an absolute comfort food that gives you a boost in Vitamin A that is often under-consumed after boozing.


act as a temporary pain reliever to help you make it through the day while the body recharges to combat the alcohol consumed.


Berocca Effervescent tablets replenishes the necessary vitamins before the symptoms appear. It’s no instant cure but it smoothens the path of hangover, minimising the ‘damage’.


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