About Us

Few things are better than brunch with its intimate conversations, momentary carefree escape, decadent brioche and girlish plans to take on the world.


Things are always better over brunch. Lighter, brighter with a ‘sunny side up’ attitude, BetterThanBrunch is an insider’s guide to novel, beautiful and clever pursuits set to carry readers away from the doldrums of the 9 to 5 onto the next great adventure.


BetterThanBrunch launches with a streamlined interface loaded with fresh candid opinion pieces, inspiring interviews from movers and shakers of the moment as well as whisper-worthy recommendations by our intrepid editorial team. Shaped by our love for the small charming curiosities in life and moments in between, we hope that the site will become a featured bookmark for the young and young-at-heart who crave for more out of their 24 hours in a day.


As for our site, it features categories spanning Eat+Drink, Art+Design, Fashion+Beauty, Travel+Play, and Insider's Scoop.