The Black Swan by Soo Eelee

The Lo & Behold Group surprises with the unveiling of yet another stunning art deco-style grand café and bar.

Metaphorically, black swan describes an “unexpected event” in the financial market that is “almost impossible to predict” and what a fitting moniker it is for the surprise debut of an eatery in the heart of the financial district.


Modeled after New York City in the roaring 1920s, the discreet doors of The Quadrant at Cecil opens up to manicured staff and a stunningly dramatic U-shaped granite bar that exudes a sexy, old world vibe that make smartly-ironed shirts and blazers fit like a glove. Blessed with a soaring ceiling of cathedral proportions and gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, the dignified space in the former Kwangtung Provincial Bank building has been meticulously restored to its charming Art Deco style and updated with modern touches and luxuries.


The Black Swan is designed by Takenouchi Webb, a Singapore-based architectural and interior design firm led by husband and wife team Marc Webb and Naoko Takenouchi. The epitome of the dining establishment’s old world charm lies in its seductive and dramatic setting emphasized by the brilliant use of geometric patterns, deep alluring colours and luxurious wood paneling with exquisite marble inlay.


The 4,000 square feet space provides rich fodder to bask in the glory of art décor flourishes, and the designers wasted no time in imbuing the dim light space with hanging frosted lamps, vintage barware and elegant brass fittings that accentuated the metropolitan-chic vibe of this intimate space. And it's not just style over substance either...word is that the cocktails are delicious, and we were definitely not disappointed. The menu focuses on European bistro classics with a modern twist that is temptingly tasty, coupled with a soothing ambience and superb service.


Whatto old boy! But we shall leave the talk about food for another day.