Street eats: vietnam

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‘Rice’ comes to mind whenever one speaks of Vietnam. However, the country has more to offer than the stereotypical thought of its rice production ability, in particular its vibrant and bustling street culture. Tasting street food, to me, is the most affordable and simplest mean of immersing in the most authentic local dining experience and Vietnam did not disappoint me during my visit earlier this year!

If you were to visit Vietnam, it will certainly be an experience for you dine like a local — sitting on short stools gathering around a table (some reminiscence of kindergarten classes indeed) savouring a bowl of something (typically rice noodle based in a thick and flavourful broth)!

A less typically seen one is this: Thin yellow noodles cooked in a slightly spicy broth (which I believe is seafood based) served with meatballs, tofu and carrots — a medley of flavours indeed!

Fresh Spring-rolls (Fresh herbs, pork and prawn wrapped around rice paper) are typically served as an appetiser in a meal. It is usually served with a sweet dipping sauce which complements really well with the spring roll!

You will get to see a variety of street food as you walk along the streets (fruits dipped in plum powder, grilled bananas and many more!) and most of them are safe for consumption!

Rice cakes - steamed or grilled: you name it and they have it!

Wet market is the place where locals (especially home cooks and street vendors) go, to get the freshest produce of the day!


Step into one of these markets to get a feel of the bustling Vietnamese culture — scooters swerving past your back as you jostle through the crowd, especially in the morning!

Traditional eating house in Vietnam - Don’t judge the quality by the layout of the place

There are many more street food than in Vietnam that are worth the try! However, that does not imply that dining in an eatery with proper tables and chairs is a bad idea!

Street eats: vietnam