Who's That WOM-an?

Meet this chic and young owner of WOM which brings vintage fashion in the modern world. 

BetterThanBrunch (BTB): What is WOM?

Clara (C): WOM stands for Word of Mouth.  In times of ancient past, it refers to the mode of passing down stories through the generations. 

Today, it still refers to the sharing of genuine information from people to people, especially when things are awesome.  That fuels our desire to keep sourcing and curating good stuff for our lovely people. 


BTB: Why this concept - vintage clothing online?

C: Clothes are looking similar to each other nowadays.  There seems to be a lack of originality and surprise in designs across the various fashion retailers.  We are hoping to add diversity to the apparel scene, introducing more 'OOHs and AAHs' to keep things exciting. And, vintage clothes can really be worn in modern ways – keeping the outfit surprising and interesting. The ordinary can be more colourful, really.  That applies to life. 

Online – simply because we do not want to be bounded by geographical distance.  We want to meet everyone in the whole wide world.  That's the dream.


BTB: Where do you source your clothes?

C: We source them all over.  Where there are good vintage treasure, we will go there.  So far, we have covered US, Europe, Japan and China.  We've flown over to handpick personally; gotten friends to hand carry the loot back; sourced online, etc.  Whatever modes there are, we'll try.  There ain't no stopping. 


Any of you have any kickass hand-me-downs?  Please contact us. :)


BTB: The one piece I would pick from WOM…

C: We used to have the Lawrence Kazar beaded sequin tops – would definitely have picked those but they have been sold out. Right now, I'm digging the Vintage Night Jungle Full Skirt. A dreamy night jungle colour palette on a full skirt!  What's not to like?


BTB: I think the upcoming trend is…

C: For this Spring, it's back to colours. And I think the light pastels or pale neons would totally rock. But honestly, there are good designs that would transcend trends.  And those are what we are after.  

Clara’s Top Three Tips:

1. Pair a vintage item with a modern piece.  So if you are wearing a vintage dress, your shoes should totally go contemporary – a chunky wedge sandal in metallics, for example.

2. Wear it with conviction.  Confidence is an accessory that is actually the 'X factor' that people can't put a finger to.  You put that look together, it's your look, it's the story you tell – so own it. You shouldn't be wearing anyone else's story on a daily basis. 

3. Don't put on what you are not comfortable.  If you are feeling iffy about it, I'd rather you drop it.  This relates to the previous point. 


To learn more on how to wear vintage, check out our Colourful Styling story by Clara! 

About Clara

Clara has been in love with hunting down unique and beautiful vintage pieces from all over the world. She started WOM in August 2013 to make this passion official, hoping to share the love and excitement of vintage clothing with people and seeing how people could have surprising pair-ups with them.  WOM is currently carrying vintage clothing, and will expand to include modern accessories in the second half of 2014.