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A bunch of foodies, we definitely cannot keep a good meal a secret. In Eat + Drink, the act of breaking bread is not merely for sustenance, we dish the intel to the hottest table in the land for a sensational taste you won’t soon forget. Likewise, drink and celebrate shared moments with us over the best tipples in town. Whether you’d like to keep the buzz going at quarter past three with a house party or have a fiendish hankering for some great aged whiskey, we bring the best nightcap to you.



Top 3 Platters You Must Try

5 September 2014

The Modern Asian

6 August 2014

The Modern Asian is sophisticated, creative and very much in love with food. Find out how modern cooking methods and presentation styles alter all five senses of the human body and transform the traditionalists into what is better known as the Modern Asian.

A Father's Love

11 June 2014

With Father’s Day just round the corner, we are uplifted to share the heart-warming story behind the local café, P Bistro. 

A Drink A Day

28 May 2014

With these drink promos lined up, we say - why the heck not?

A Cut Above the Rest

14 May 2014

We love beefing it up, but finding a perfectly out-of-the-ordinary cut can be quite a challenge. Here’s our pick on something special, something nice.

A Bean Away

7 May 2014

While the coffee culture continues to grow and evolve in Singapore, finding the best barista in town is no longer the sole factor to a good cuppa coffee. BetterThanBrunch kicks off by spilling the beans on some of our favourite new coffee hideouts offering something different in their choice of beans.....

9 Hangover Remedies Worth Trying

1 May 2014

You partied a little too hard on a working day and now you’re paying the price. Find out which hangover remedies really work and which are great for a quick fix.

Eat in Melbourne

8 January 2015

Offering food with a great diversity, Australia's stylish southern city is a boon for food travellers. For proof, take a look at our latest photo essay for the best eateries in Melbourne.

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