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Get your head in the game and kick your opponents’ other end with the premium SteelSeries Siberia Elite headset.

SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of premium quality, competitive gaming peripherals and accessories launches the Siberia Elite Series, featuring a headset of lightweight and memory foam design with Dolby technology capable of converting multichannel sounds. The headset delivers the newest generation and highest-quality SteelSeries audio drivers for realistic 7.1 virtual surround sounds.

Cutting-Edge Wireless Performance


If you’re a gamer, you’d already know that one of the biggest challenges in wireless gaming audio has always been interference and lag. Powered by SteelSeries’ next-generation drivers, the H wireless produces rich, balanced and accurate audio with the surround-sound of three distinct Dolby technologies. Recreating the sensation of up to 7.1 channel multi-speaker edging sound in headphones, Dolby Pro Logic llx optimizes the surround sound experience for the most realistic multi-directional sound.


Designed for Gaming and Entertainment


The headsets deliver three important things to gamers; great sound, incredible comfort and technology that make it easy and convenient to use. It amps up your game with driver units that deliver rich and dramatic soundscapes, from immersive background music to the most precise 3D positional sounds of footsteps and gunfire, giving you an edge in creating a holistic experience.


Innovative Gaming Features


Bringing to the market two gaming-specific audio functions, ChatMix and LiveMix help create the optimal chat and audio experience. They work hand in hand to produce the perfect combination of game volume and communication levels, dynamically reducing unnecessary game audio to the level of the user's choice. 

Powerful Beauty


The SteelSeries Siberia Elite revolutionized several features in the headset industry. The amplified design includes extra-large memory foam ear cushions and the brand’s signature Siberia self-adjusting suspension that is connected to a steel arc, illuminating a choice of 16.8 million colour options from each earcup. The fearlessly all-black headset is designed with contrasting glossy and matte black finishes, adequately equipped with all controls at the tip of the users’ fingers, giving them virtually no reason to get up from the couch. Dials on the earcups power the Siberia Elite’s audio and microphone-mute controls, while new levels of customization will enable users to select illumination and equalizer settings, activate microphone features and more through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate configuration software.

SteelSeries Sound: Everywhere, with Ease


The brand itself is synonymous with PC, quality and gaming, so it’s no shock that it has released yet another quality headset. The only snag holding us back is the slightly hefty price tag – priced at S$339, it’s a little more than we would prefer to spend on a gaming headset.


Broadening into different forms of entertainment like TV, movies or portable streaming devices; the included mobile cable connects to the headset’s Sound Share port, which allows for use with any mobile device.


Overall, the SteelSeries Siberia Elite is the perfect blend of quality, comfort and functionality. They look gorgeous enough to be teamed with a conventional iPod, and the tiny, responsive “geektastic” mic tucks away nicely. It continues to deliver on the iconic Siberia promises of outstanding sound and long-wearing comfort for the discerning gamer.


The SteelSeries Siberia Elite is now retailing at $339 and is available for sale at Newstead Technologies, Digital Lifestyle, Gain City and other major electronic and gaming outlets.