Love the Sun, Love your Hair!by Soo Eelee

Love the sun but hate colour fades, dryness and burnt scalps? Find out how to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays and restore hydration to your hair with Leo Leong, Managing Director at Glamour Salon System.

Better Than Brunch (BTB): Sun damage is widely known as a big killer to gorgeous long locks. How true is that and how can we indulge in the warm rays without causing more damage to our hair?


Leo Leong (LL): Yes, it’s ironic that people living in tropic regions seldom use sun care products on their scalp and hair as compared to people living in regions with 4 seasons. In Singapore, a lot of people already know how to protect the face and body from the sun, yet do nothing for the hair.


Our hair, just like our face and body also suffers from sun damage when exposed constanly to the sun’s harmful rays. Depending on the amount of exposure, sunlight can cause various damages such as bleaching the natural or artificial colour of our hair. On top of that, hair cuticle damage due to loss of moisture reduces the quality and shine of the hair, resulting in the rough and un-manageable texture of your hair.  Not forgetting the damage on the scalp skin also causes it to age faster and sag.

BTB: Singapore’s weather has been extremely unforgiving regardless if it’s the blazing hot sun or sudden downpours. How can we keep our hair styles looking fresh and full of energy all day?


LL: It’s important to have a daily wash with a mild gentle shampoo for hair and scalp so that you do not pull away more moisture. Condition the hair with a lightweight conditioner and try to leave it in for at least a few minutes so that it is able to replenish and lock in the moisture.


Finally, always use a leave-in conditioner. The last thing on the hair should never be water, as when it evaporates, it pulls away even more moisture from the hair. Look for products which have UVA and UVB filters. We recommend  SHAMPOO A.S., CREME A.S. Conditioner and VITALITE EXPRESS CHEVEUX - a water proof 2-phase spray for dual effectiveness, from Labiosthetique's SOLEIL range. Besides UV filters, the SOLEIL range also has polyphenols derived from sunflower which can neutralise the free radicals activated by light and UV rays.

BTB: Sun, Sea, Beach. How bad is swimming for your hair and how can we minimise the damages?


LL: Before going under the sun or into the sea, we can put an Intensive hair mask such as EKS Hydro Nutritive Mask on our hair to act as a barrier from the sea water, and at the same time, the heat from the sun will help the mask to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This can be a very enjoyable hair treatment while out in the sun.


Alternatively you can spray La Biosthetique's Vitalite Express Cheveux every time you repeat the application of your sunblock, which will also help to protect against the UV rays whilst moisturising the hair. After that, make sure you use a shampoo such as SHAMPOO A.S. to clean away the salt or chlorine from the hair.

BTB: How is it that the sun damages my hair but my scalp remains oily and hair flat?


LL: Our scalp sweats more to try and cool the scalp and the sebum glands are also more active to try and produce more sebum to protect the scalp skin thus making the hair appear flatter.



BTB: If all’s been said and done, how can we reverse the effects of sun damage?


LL: Just as sun, salt and chlorine will age our face and body, our scalp which comes directly under the sun's rays, will also age faster with continuous exposure. I would recommend to use Follizin's Intensive Follicle Energizer (Awarded 2014 Best Anti-Aging Scalp and Hair product by Harper's Bazaar Singapore) at night on the scalp to energize and age freeze the scalp and follicles.

Leo Leong, Managing Director at Glamour Salon System

Also an International Educator, Appointed Hairstylist and Exclusive Distributor for numerous brands including:


Sebastian USA, Nioxin, Revlon Professional, Intercosmo, Follizin USA, GK Hair USA and TIGI USA


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