More Fun in Cebu

by Soo Eelee





Let's Take A Drive!


There's More to Cebu Than Meets the Eye


Geographically speaking, the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country, comprising more than 7,000 gorgeous islands. Beig one of them, Cebu is a long narrow island stretching across more than 225 kilometres, and surrounded by several smaller islands. While we did not have time for all of Cebu, we got a good taste of the different towns with a short road trip on this sunny strip of an island.




























After almost 2.5 hours, we made it to Moalboal with the help of our friendly driver, Juvenini (+092 8521 0009). The main area of the village, where the market is, was very busy. So if like us, your resort is quite a distance away from the market, make a pit stop and grab some necessities here.


During our time at moalboal, we resided at the Blue Orchid Resort, which is the last resort located at the North of White Beach. While spacious, I felt the resort lacks a little in personality and service. Food prices are also more expensive at Blue Orchid so we would recommend you to hop on over to Club Serena instead, where the food is superb, reasonable and service is warm. 


Famed for diving, Panagsama is the starting point for a dizzying array of activities, including the incredible sardine run. As for beach bums like us, White Beach is probably a better option to chill, have a drink, and watch the sunset.



The Blue Orchid Resort

North of White Beach,

6032 Moalboal, Philippines

+63 929 273 1128

Club Serena Resort

White Beach

6032 Moalboal, Philippines

+63 920 927 8277


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