Nail Mail

Check out these fun styles to request for at your next appointment with the manicurist.

Melon Madness
Orange hues are hot, hot, hot. From pastels to corals, melon shades are perfect with your shimmer and gold accessories. For a completely glitzy finish, paint just one finger on each hand in a shimmery polish. You glamour puss, you!
Two For You
Get crafty and mix shades for a bespoke result. While this will require practice (and a very steady hand!), bring out the colour guru in you and experiment with different shades. Test them out on a blank piece of paper first before mixing both nail colours into a container. We suggest using an empty topcoat bottle.
Stiletto Sharp
Go all feline sexy with sharp talons instead of the typical round or square edges. Top it off with a shiny layer of classic nude polish for the perfect balance of fierce and feminine.
Top Tips
Forget your pink, white and horizontal line. Update the classic french manicure with a diagonal tip line. A sheer base with a different hue than the usual suspect of white for the tip make for added edge.




Subtle Shimmer
We’re not asking you to go all out with the shimmer polish (it’s not holiday season yet, ladies!). Instead, strategically place your sparkles, such as nearer to the cuticles. The Nail Shoppe used soft pastel hues for a look that’s more classy than crazy.