Slimmer, Svelte You

Need to shed those extra inches? Boy, do we have the massage for you!

We’ve all been there – one snack, two snack, three. Before you know it, you’re popping peanuts, crackers and everything you can find in the pantry. Best believe we’ve not been stepping on the scale either. Lucky for us, help came in a form of a premium Japanese slimming and beauty centre. Introduced by leading Shape Up House with 145 spas worldwide, Miss Paris the doors to its first Southeast Asian spa in Singapore conveniently located at Ngee Ann City. While Miss Paris is spa concept by Shape Up House Ltd to be established in Singapore, the brand is already well established in all major Japanese cities as well as Shanghai and Hong Kong. Their treatments are backed by science to give proven results in an instant (we can vouch!).

Burn Baby, Burn


One of the most popular treatments is the 90-minute Signature Triple Burn Method. While the price may be a little steep at $380 per session, it is well worth it as we experienced visible results in just one session. This original slimming technique uses specialised equipment in a three-step treatment to efficiently and effectively reduce the three different types of fats found in your body - cellulite, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.


The first step consists of a suction method, followed by a sauna session, which is then finished off with an electrolysis treatment. We must admit that the session did get a little uncomfortable at some points, especially during the suction method on the parts with lesser fats. The result was a good few centimetres lost – no pain, no gain they say!


Alternatively, the 60-minute Signature Face Slimming Massage priced at $270 per session is a favourite amongst customers wishing for a svelte and well-contoured face. The special hand massage is adapted and improved from a treatment used by doctors of Hollywood stars, and it works deep into the skin to instantly lift the face contour and improve the vitality of the skin.





Overall Experience


What truly amazed us was the expertise of the therapists. One of the Japanese therapists was such a pro in her field that she instantly knew of our lifestyle and dieting habits during the consultation. By just touching a few points on our body, she knew we love cold drinks (guilty!), had low blood temperature (that explains the cold fingers!) and wore way too many heels (guilty! guilty!) – we couldn’t lie to save our lives.


Not only that, we also loved the expansive vanity room. It denotes understated elegance with the Japanese décor and lush after-shower essentials. We were completely pampered as walked out of the spa like stars!


Miss Paris

Ngee Ann City 


Singapore 238872

T: 6235 1159