Top 3 Vesak Day Holiday Plans

It’ll be a long time till the next long weekend - best to check out these nearby travel destinations for that much-needed break.

Tropical Paradise

Nothing quite perks you up like a long weekend made better with a quick getaway. Here are our top 3 personal picks that offer maximum enjoyment in minimum time - perfect for the long Vesak Day weekend.


For Culture Lovers: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Home of the Angkor temples, land of rich, religious history. You will find yourself discovering Cambodia’s famous monument. And if you’re up early enough, the sunrise at Angkor Wat is absolutely breathtaking. The best way to experience unobstructed viewing would be to get off the main walkway and place yourself on the steps of the outpost buildings.


And if you’ve had enough cultural experience for the day, take a boat to the Floating Villages where most will describe as an eye-opening experience. An honest perspective of Cambodia’s primitive fishing villages, the locals will start flocking in all directions to make ends meet.

For Adrenaline Junkies: Borneo, Malaysia

Feed your hunger for adventure in Borneo, where Mount Kinabalu awaits. Standing at 4,095 metres high, it promises a good climb to satisfy the sports addict in you. Or if you’re not a fan of heights, you can try your hands at rafting. The Padas River, situated at the southwestern part of Kota Kinabalu, offers an exciting 9km of muddy, tough rapids.


From Merry-Go-Round to Cobra, these rapids even have special names to best describe the experience. Alternatively, the legendary Sipidan Island is a great diving spot to get up close to beautiful creatures like the turtles, hammerhead sharks, manta rays and eagle rays to name a few.


For Beach Romantics: Coron, Philippines

Considered one of the most beautiful places (even by the locals), Coron is an enchanting place for couples. Located on the northern part of Palawan, Philippines, Coron is famed for the sandy white beaches, clear, blue waters and picturesque background of Banana Island.


Banana Island is a 1.5 hour bumpy boat ride from Busuanga town, so do keep your bags waterproof. Alternatively, Coron’s Malcapuya Island is home to the giant clams. You might even get to walk to the clam stations if the tide is low enough - full beach fantasy