Top 3 Cheap Eats in NYC Under $10

Travelling to NYC on a budget? No problem as we bring you the best of NYC #noms for under $10. 
By Aaron Leizerovici

Photo Credit: Vanessa's Dumpling House

Labeled the city that never sleeps, New York City is also known for its wealth of eateries that cater to various budgets. We scouted some of the best local eats guaranteed to fill you up for $10 or less.

Vanessa's Dumpling House

No matter how you like your dumplings (pan fried or boiled), you are bound to leave Vanessa’s with a full stomach. Family operated since 1999, Vanessa’s Dumplings House started selling what are now their famous dumplings on iconic Eldridge Street, in New York City’s Chinatown.


Paired with a side order of noodles and a sesame pancake sandwich, Vanessa’s flavourful dumplings make a great meal before that expedition around the city, or after a night of partying. Best of all, you won’t break the bank.


Must Try: Chicken Basil Pan Fried Dumplings: $2.49
Vegetable Whole Wheat Dumplings: $2.49
Sesame Pancake with Vegetables: $2.49

310 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Photo Credit: Vanessa's Dumpling House

Cheeky Sandwiches
Unwind in a cosy atmosphere and eat and drink till your heart’s content at Cheeky Sandwiches, even on a budget. Get cheeky with a delicious sandwich and a glass of wine — all for $10. 

Nestled in Chinatown, Manhattan, these sandwiches have carefully balanced flavours and fresh ingredients — in any one of their six signature southern inspired sandwiches (under $9) — that won’t leave your taste buds disappointed, nor will the atmosphere.


The eccentric illustrations in the storefront door and windows, and their engraved insignia on the concrete near the entrance are Instagram-worthy. Additionally, the interior is bursting with the hole-in-the-wall feel, from the vintage stools to the attention-grabbing artworks on the table.


Beef Sandwich: $8
Beignets: 3 for $1

35 Orchard St 
Between Canal St & Hester St Lower East Side, Chinatown

Photo Credit: Cheeky Sandwiches

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli

Smack dab in the middle of Little Italy and Chinatown, this humble Vietnamese sandwich shop is the perfect place to get your Bánh Mì (Vietnamese sandwich) fix.


And while there’s are only outdoor seating, don’t let the lack of seats deter you from getting your Vietnamese food affair on. Named one of the best sandwiches by Refinery29, and vouched by our very own New Yorker at BetterThanBrunch, Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli is one of the best places to find a consistently delicious sandwich in New York — especially, a Bánh mì — for just under $6. Do remember to bring them bills with you though as this is a cash-only eatery.  

Bánh mì bò xã (Beef with Lemongrass): $5.75

369 Broome St
Between Elizabeth St & Mott St, Nolita

Photo Credit: Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli