Trim Your Tummy

When we heard that PhysioAesthetics could help us lose inches quickly without breaking a sweat, you bet we were there faster than you could say “Inch Away!”

We love food as much as we love fitting into that tight black dress here at BetterThanBrunch, so it has always been a battle to keep slim - that is until PhysioAesthetics came to our rescuer with a non-invasive, quick and safe solution!


Centrally located at Camden Medical Centre, PhysioAesthetics is a medispa that prides itself on using advanced technologies for their face and body treatments. These technologies have been known to speed up natural inch loss at a fraction of the time while altogether promoting metabolism for enhanced weight loss. 

We knew we were in good hands the minute we stepped in as the therapist was well informed, professional and very welcoming. After sharing (okay, maybe it seemed like we were pouring out) our weight woes, they recommended the No Sweat Inch Loss body treatment. Let’s just say, we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. 

No Sweat Inch Loss

The treatment uses a Nano Muscle Building System which mimics an intense gym work out (think 200 crunches!) as it stimulates muscle contractions to burn belly fats. Tiny soaked pads, strapped onto targeted areas of your body, are connected to their special machine as you lay down and watch it work its magic.


While it may be unnerving at the start, you will soon get used to the increasing levels of intensity. Plus, the friendly therapists at PhysioAesthetics will check on you regularly to ensure you’re comfortable. Within just 15 minutes into the treatment, we started to feel the “ache” you get from most workouts - a sure sign that the treatment was working well. 


1 Orchard Boulevard

#04-06, Camden Medical Centre

T: 6836 7731

Once that magic hour passed, it’s amazing how that short period was equivalent to 2 hours of exercising. They weren’t kidding when they said you could see an almost immediate effect as we saw a slight change in our waistlines.


As we sipped our post-treatment tea, we also learnt that the system is perfect for spot training of trouble areas such as saddle bags, high waistline ratio, and the almost-impossible-to-eliminate, “muffin tops”. Not only that, PhysioAesthetics also offers a range of face treatments for acne-prone and dull-looking skin as well as other beauty concerns. Our major cheat sheet unlocked! 

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