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Everybody needs a pair of leggings. MINIRINE Fashion Designer Marine Bigo shows you how to rock it! 

Fashion Designer, Marine Bigo, shows off her masterpieces!

I always thought that leggings are only meant for certain type of people, like the super tall and slim. Well, not quite anymore! After meeting with fashion designer Marine Bigo for MINIRINE, I am convinced leggings should be part of every gal’s wardrobe as this ready-to-wear piece of clothing is simply functional and comfortable. One can pair them with a sassy blouse for the day, a bodysuit for the night and a casual tee for the weekend! Not at least for these extraordinary pairs from MINIRINE as they are multi-functional and comfortable. It is a piece of practical garment for your everyday life.


Quirky and fun-loving Marine from Lille, France who created MINIRINE, is a story-teller. To wear a piece of MINIRINE is a holistic experience as there’s a thread throughout all of the designer’s work. This art fashion clothing label concept brings distinctive and creative character to her collections.


Every new "mini" collection brings along new, fresh, individual prints, inspired by diverse forms of art from photography, street art to sculptures, paintings and etc. Incorporated in the prints on MINIRINE's leggings and their matching tops, they become alive as the the prints will look differently on each body and personality. You are actually wearing a piece of art!

The must-haves from MINIRINE for Spring/Summer to keep you chic and cool:

Latest collection.JPG
Latest collection.JPG

Bright, fun and versatile? It's definitely a MINIRINE piece. 

Not only that, we recently got up-close and personal with this fun and talented fashion designer. Here's what Marine has to share! 


BetterThanBrunch(BTB): I understand your collections have been inspired by works of other artists and there’s one special collection which you collaborated with your dad. How was it like?


Marine Bigo (MB): I would go more into explaining the collaboration with my dad and his painting.

As I used to live and grow up in his colourful and exotic pictures & painting I wanted after 30 years to make his paintings alive through what I do - clothing. The idea is to cover the body of his painting and make it alive!

It s a "homage" to him and his work and bring some memories back. 


BTB: When did you move to Shanghai and why this city?


MB: I moved to Shanghaï in August 2010, because after a 6 month trip in Asia and passed by Shanghaï, I realized it was a good place for me to stay if I would need to live oversea. And ever since I’m here, my inspiration and creation is much more growing and happening


BTB: Complete this sentence, "If I weren't a fashion designer...


MB: I would work in the massage therapy, or a kind of industry where you take care of people. Something to help the body & soul. 


BTB: The absolute piece of Minirine that I couldn't live without...


MB: Actually this would be my bag....and of course my leggings because I can wear it for any occassion! Not always but this is a piece that I really use often. 


BTB: The memorable gift for my dad will be…


MB: To offer him an exhibition which combines his paintings and my clothes printed from his fine works. It will be a magificent Nicolai & Minirine Expo!



Inspirations from Dad.